This Week at St. John’s – August 27


All kids and youth are invited to join in the opening procession at the 9 am service. Just come out into the Atrium a few minutes before worship begins to get lined up and ready.

Summer Sundays will meet during the first half of the 9 am service on the playground, for a Bible study discussion and some free play. We’ll return to “Big Church” for the Peace and Holy Eucharist.

We don’t have Sunday School during the summer but can’t wait to see all the kids again when the Christian formation year starts up on September 10th.

NO ADULT FORUM – The scheduled Summer Adult Forum offerings have ended. Please watch your Crossroads or announcement sheets for the fall start up date and topic.

FIRST YOUTH GROUP EVENT OF THE YEAR – We’re going to see the Columbus Clippers Game on Friday, Sept. 1st! The game starts at 7:15 PM, so we’ll leave from St. John’s at 6 PM. We’ll eat at the ballpark. RSVP as soon as possible, and by Monday, August 28th, at the latest, if you want to come. Father Karl

SUGGESTED GROCERY ITEMS to bring next week are canned chicken or tuna and shaving cream. Please take perishable items directly to the pantry. Donations support the Worthington Resource Pantry and Gladden Food Pantry.

TODAY’S ALTAR FLOWERS were donated by Carole Lougheed.

WIN PICNIC THIS AFTERNOON – Plan now to attend the Worthington Interfaith Neighbors Potluck Picnic today from 4-7 pm at Selby Park. This family friendly event offers wonderful food, music, games and entertainment. Just bring a blanket or chairs and a food typical of your upbringing to share. Beverages and tableware will be provided. This is a free event thanks to our sponsors! Tricia Herban

SCHOOL SUPPLIES DRIVE FOR CRIS (Community Refugee and Immigrant Services) – For many years St. John’s has collected school supplies over the summer to be donated to students in need. This year we are supporting CRIS. They are located on Route 161 just a few miles east of the church so transport will be convenient. More important, since these children have nothing they need everything! Please search your homes for supplies outgrown or no longer needed. And shop back to school sales. There is a list of needed items on the information table in the Atrium and a bin below it for donations. Anyone interested in helping with the transport of these items can contact Eve Herold at or 614-846-3736.

My Comfy Kits is a program of Orphan World Relief whose mission is to provide comfort and dignity to children entering foster care. Most children leave their families with only the clothing on their backs or a trash bag with a few belongings. Our age and gender appropriate Comfy Kits provide a few necessities and comfort items. We hope to show these kids in a practical way that they are loved and cared for and give them something to call their own. Every child deserves that! If you would like to donate items for a Comfy Kit, you can provide the following: NEW stuffed animals (for toddlers – sewn eyes, instead of buttons to prevent a choking hazard) books, pajamas or outfits for both boys and girls, toothpaste, toothbrushes, night lights (Dollar Tree is a great place), Diaper Wipes, 3-in-1 wash and backpacks. We will be collecting donated items until Friday, September 15th. Please look for the large box labeled “My Comfy Kits” in the Atrium. Thank you! – Carrie Troester

A NOTE FROM THE FINANCE COMMITTEE: As you finish up your summer activities, please review your quarterly giving statement to see if your pledge fulfillment is on track or could use a little “catching up”. The July financial report shows that we are noticeably behind with our planned giving, currently $16,000 under plan at the end of July. Your progress toward fulfilling your pledge is appreciated. Rob Thurman

AN eye glass Collection/recycling box is located on the Atrium table. The donated glasses will be given to the SVOSH (Student Volunteer Optometric Service to Humanity) students from OSU. At an Adult Ed. Program in the near future, the SVOSH students will return to give us an update of their recent Mission trip providing many glasses for those in need in Honduras. – Joan Bird for the Outreach and Social Justice Committee

CHOIR REHEARSALS ARE BEGINNING SOON! The adult choir is a super fun group of people, and even though the chancel looks full, we are always excited to add new singers! The choir is open to anyone high school-aged or older, and no audition is required. If you can read music and would enjoy an hour and a half of singing, fellowship, and fun on Thursday evenings (as well as a different perspective on worship on Sundays) , please consider singing with the choir as part of your ministry at St. John’s. Curious, but unsure about the commitment? Please consider this an open invitation for an 8-week trial period. Any questions? Grab me after church one morning, call me at the church, or email me at . Sara Seidel

Choir rehearsals begin this coming Thursday August 31: Thursdays from 7:00-8:30 p.m. in the Choir Room. Sundays, 10:30 a.m. (8:15 on the first Sunday of the month), in the Chancel.

LAYWEEDERS GARDENING DAY, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 2NDJoin the fun with the crew of lay weeders. We’ll meet at the sheds at 1 PM. Bring gloves and clippers if you have them. Ellen Stukenberg

EXODUS BIBLE STUDY – A number of people have asked if we can have a weekly Bible Study focusing on Exodus during the Diocesan-wide Exodus Big Read, and the answer is YES! Fr. Karl will be our guide. We will be reading and studying the Book of Exodus every Wednesday evening starting on September 6th from 7 – 8 PM in the Atrium. For more information contact Christine Look at or 614-499-6209 or Margaret Allen at or 614-553-7371.

SEPTEMBER SATURDAY SUPPER – Please plan to attend the next Saturday Supper on September 9th (the second Saturday). Our hosts are Norm and Judy Shackelton. Please contact them at or by cell phone 614-693-0404 to let them know you are attending. The entrée will be ham. Please let them know if you will be bringing an appetizer, salad, fruit, vegetable or dessert. Their address is 5633 Travis Pointe Court in Westerville. Kim Basso

IN THE GARDEN: SEPTEMBER DINNER — On Sunday, September 10th St. John’s will provide dinner for community members in need at Trinity Episcopal Church on Capital Square. Please sign up on the sheet in the atrium if you are willing to prepare baked spaghetti, provide garlic bread, salad items, or fruit or volunteer to serve on the 10th. Contact Brice & Emily Patterson at 614.747.2963 or with any questions. We hope you’ll consider joining us for the afternoon, –extra hands are always welcome and needed!

CONCERT CELEBRATES TRINITY CAPITAL SQUARE’S BICENTENNIAL – On Sunday, September 10th, at 4:00 p.m. musicians from Trinity’s choir and the Columbus Symphony will perform the Brahms Requiem as a highlight of Trinity’s bicentennial celebration. An interesting piece of trivia: the Requiem was completed in 1869, the same year Trinity’s current church building was completed. Also on the program is the world premiere of Sanctuary by Jacob Reed. Admission is free; no tickets or reservations are required. Trinity Episcopal Church is located 125 E. Broad St. in Columbus.

BIG READ – READING THE BOOK OF EXODUS TOGETHER! Beginning on Sunday, August 27th and running thru April 7, Bishop Breidenthal has invited everyone in the diocese to come together to read the Book of Exodus. We are at a moment as a church and a culture when questions raised in the Book of Exodus are pertinent. What does it mean to be a stranger in a strange land? To leave behind all the things we thought we knew? To see our communities change? Go to for reading schedules to guide individual study and more.

CALLING ALL EPISCOPALIANS – The Diocese of Southern Ohio invites all Episcopalian to attend a convocation titled “Toward the Promised Land” on Saturday, September 16, beginning and 9 a.m. and ending in the late afternoon. The convocation will take place at (the Episcopal) Procter Conference Center near London, OH. If you are passionate about making our Church and the Gospel relevant to our neighborhoods and to the world today, this is the day for you! Come together for a day of deep discussion and practical learning about identifying our “Egypts” and how to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us out of our building and into connection with the people around us. This promises to be a unique day of discovering, dreaming and discernment. Learn to leave behind what holds us back and journey toward where God is call us. There is no fee, but pre-registration is required. For more information, and to register, go to . Fr. Karl is deeply involved in organizing this event. A few of your parishioners – and your clergy – have already registered. If you do plan to attend, please tell Fr. Philip!

NEW TO ST JOHN’S? PLEASE COMPETE VISITOR INFORMATION FORM – If you are new to St. John’s, we would appreciate having your name and contact information. Please fill out the Newcomer’s Form that can be found in the pew racks. Then, simply submit your completed form by placing it in the offering plate, or hand it to one of the clergy. Or, you could also complete the information form at the Guest Registration table as you enter the church. We will be having a reception to welcome our recent guests and visitors on Sunday, September 17 after the 11:15 a.m. service. If we have your contact information, you will receive a written invitation.

GET CONNECTED THROUGH THE SKILLS AND INTERESTS INVENTORY – The Skills and Interests Inventory is up and running on the website! Take a minute to add your profile or search for others with similar interests. You can access the inventory on the St. John’s website under the Participate link. Contact any member of the Communications Committee for more information. Dawn Pascoe

Book Notes #5 – The Protestant ReformationWe have been building a Reformation collection of books and DVDs in the church library since the first of the year. The idea was that some of you may wish to attend our Reformation workshop on September 30th and also to gain a basic grounding on the period, the people, and the places, that were most prominent in the efforts to reform the Church. The collection is still growing but for now it can be viewed on a small bookshelf on the library’s desk. Stop in, browse, and check out something that you find interesting. You might also search our online catalog using the term “reformation” to see what else we own. – . Nancy Elkington

Save the Date! Sept 30 2017 – On September 30th St. John’s will host a day-long workshop “Introduction to the Protestant Reformation” to recognize the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s formal complaints – his 95 Theses – to the Church. “Introduction to the Protestant Reformation” will feature a theologically diverse group of speakers (three clergy and three academics) sharing their thoughts about seven pivotal 16th century reformers: Luther & Melanchthon, Zwingli, Calvin & Knox, Simons & the Anabaptists, and Cranmer. Join us as we learn together about the onset and shifting nature of the Reformation: who were the major reformers, what were their beliefs, how were they similar and different, who were their adherents, and where do we see their theologies in modern Protestant denominations? Read more about it: . Space is limited so plan ahead. The price for St. John’s parishioners is $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Nancy Elkington

UPCOMING EXECUTIONS – The State of Ohio plans to execute two more men before the end of 2017, one on October 18th and one on November 15th, both at 10:00 am. Please consider joining in a prayerful demonstration outside the Statehouse with members of Ohioans To Stop Executions. If you’re interested or have questions, talk to Mother Maggie (

GLUTEN FREE COMMUION WAFERS – If you are gluten sensitive, please know that we offer gluten-free wafers during communion. Simply inform the priest and he/she will provide you with a gluten free wafer! Feel free to discuss with Fr. Philip!

WANT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF ST. JOHN’S? New to St. John’s? Not sure if your Baptism or Confirmation Records are recorded in the Church Office? – Now is a good time for the office staff to update membership records. If we have not requested a “Transfer of Membership” or asked that copies of your baptismal or confirmation records be sent to St. John’s from your previous congregation, please contact Vicky in the church office and she will help you with the process. Membership requires that we have those records documented in the church membership rosters. Fr. Philip

DID YOU KNOW? – Did you know that on most Sundays, the clergy of St. John’s offer private prayers in the Mary Chapel (the small room to the left of the altar)? If you wish to receive a private prayer, after receiving communion simply step into the chapel. Briefly explain to the person greeting you why you are asking for prayers. That person will then say a short prayer with you. One caveat, we do not always have an extra person to say prayers with you. Remember, Fr. Philip and Mother Maggie have regular office hours if you wish to make an appointment.

If you walk into the chapel and there is no one to greet you, simply return to your pew. At some point in the future we may be able to promise that someone will always be there. WANTED: WARM SMILES AND FRIENDLY HANDSHAKES – Greeters are needed for the 11:15 service. Greeters are the first members of St. John’s to encounter newcomers and visitors on Sundays. The first impression is a lasting one. We answer questions about childcare, location of various facilities, and most importantly do what we can to help newcomers feel comfortable at St. John’s. Individuals, couples and families can serve. If you are interested or want to know more about this important ministry, please contact Susie Bonnell at 614/438-5259 or .

WILL YOU PRAY WITH US? The Intercessory Prayer Group is looking for a few new members, folks who are willing to receive a weekly list of prayer concerns via email and commit to praying for each person/family on the list at some point during the week. The contents of this prayer list are confidential, so we ask those who pray to keep all details from the list private. If you would like to pray with us, please talk to Mother Maggie ( or Jo Pascoe ( Thanks for your consideration!

THE FLOWER DONATION CALENDAR has several openings for the remainder of 2017. If you would like to donate flowers in Memory of a loved one, or to Celebrate an event in your lives, please add your name to Calendar which is located on the front wall of the Atrium. We can have more than one Donor a week if your date is already taken. You will be contacted the week before for information for the bulletin. Any questions please contact Donna Somerville (614) 208-8573 or Punky Cline (614) 284-3782. Thank you.

PLEASE “LIKE” ST. JOHN’S ON FACEBOOK. St. John’s Episcopal Church and Early Education Center – Worthington, OH. Fr. Philip is also on Facebook and would appreciate you “friending” him!

  1. JOHN’S INTERCESSORY PRAYER GROUP prays for others and the situations in which they, their loved ones, friends, co-workers, etc, may find themselves. Prayers remain on the list for three weeks. If you or someone you love or know needs prayer support or you would like to join us in praying, please call or email Jo Pascoe at (614) 885-1773 or .

CHILDREN AT COMMUNION – All baptized children (old enough to safely eat regular foods) are always invited and encouraged to take communion with the rest of the congregation. However, this practice is always ultimately left to the parent’s discretion. If your child has not been baptized, please consider scheduling a baptism. Parents, if you have questions about communion for children please contact Fr. Philip.

SEEKING GOD TOGETHER is not meeting over the summer however it will resume in October. We meet the first Wednesday of the month at 12:30 PM in the Library. Donna Hissrich

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