Summer Films, Seminars, and Occasional Workshops

The St. John’s Adult Formation Committee develops and offers events that take place outside of the traditional Sunday morning worship and fellowship period.  While these are sometimes designed primarily for our own parishioners, we are also committed to using our role in the community to extend our hands in faith to others who wish to learn.  Examples of these sorts of formation events include:

  • Summer Film Series – Under the leadership of the Adult Formation Committee, films are chosen that challenge, reinforce, and inspire our faith. Films are acquired for the twin purposes of collective viewing and engaging in discussions about what we have seen.  (Popcorn is offered and participants are encouraged to bring their own refreshments.)
  • Seminar Series – This is a newly-conceived opportunity for us to dedicate more time than is available on a Sunday morning to bringing speakers to our parish who can broaden and deepen our understanding of: Christian history, theologies, and denominations; history and practice of world religions; and how we can live faithful lives in community with those of other faith traditions. First offerings will be scheduled during Summer/Fall 2017.  We will experiment with scheduling so as to arrive at optimal days and times that maximize the participation of our parish and our neighbors of faith.
  • Occasional Workshop Series – From time to time, there is a compelling convergence of opportunity, timeliness, and aptness that leads us to consider shaping and offering more extended formation events. For example, in 2017 the world will recognize the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses and the tipping point of the Protestant Reformation. On September 30, 2017, St. John’s will offer “Introduction to the Protestant Reformation” — a day-long workshop intended to introduce believers and general learners to the movements that were spawned by a Europe-wide desire for Christian reform.

    Follow this link to learn more and register to participate in the Reformation workshop.