My Comfy Kits

Through Seeds of Caring, I volunteered to help collect items for My Comfy Kits. My Comfy Kits is a program of Orphan World Relief whose mission is to provide comfort and dignity to children entering foster care. Most children leave their families with only the clothing on their backs or a trash bag with a few belongings. Our age and gender appropriate Comfy Kits provide a few necessities and comfort items. We hope to show these kids in a practical way that they are loved and cared for and give them something to call their own. Every child deserves that!

Every item that goes into a Comfy Kit, including the backpack is donated by generous and caring people like yourself! We need your help! We are getting ready for our next kit stuffing and our goal is to pack 100 toddler Comfy Kits. Your generous donations of the items below will help us provide dignity and comfort to toddlers going into foster care. If you wish to provide monetary donations, please go to, click on the My Comfy Kits link and then click donate.

Thank you so much.

Carrie Troester

Please help foster children by donating NEW items:
Toddler appropriate stuffed animals (sewn eyes, instead of buttons to prevent a choking hazard)
Toddler Books
Toddler sized pajamas or outfits for both boys and girls
Toddler toothpaste
Toddler toothbrushes
Night lights (Dollar Tree is a great place)
Packs of Diaper Wipes
3-in-1 wash

We will be collecting donated items until Friday, September 15th. Please look for a large box in the Atrium with “My Comfy Kits” written on it.

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