January 19, 2014 Adult Education: “Introduction to Sufism”

On Jan. 19, please join us for Dr. Hans Utter, expert on Islamic mysticism, who will be speaking on “Introduction to Sufism (Poetry and Music)”.

On January 26, come and “Meet the Candidates” for the Vestry.


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  1. Marlene Talbott-Green

    On Jan 25, 2014

    There are so many wonderful offerings for Christian Education. Being a member of the choir, I can never avail myself to them.

    I wish there would be some way to record or otherwise preserve these “classes” so that those of us who consistently have to miss them would, nevertheless, be able to be educated b y them.

    In these days of internet “savvy” I would think the technology would be there and be inexpensive.
    What can anybody tell me about the possibility of recording, audio or video or both, these educational events, perhaps making them available through the newsletter?

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