Children & Youth Ministries This Week!

Youth Group Trip to see ComedySportz on Saturday!

This Saturday the Saint John’s Youth Group will be going to see ComedySportz at the Nest Theatre in Franklinton. We’ll leave from Saint John’s parking lot at 6:15 and be back by 9:00 at the latest. Let us know if you can come so we can make sure we have enough space in the cars heading down there.  The tickets are paid for by us, but bring along money if you want to buy snacks or drinks.

Birthday Bag Materials Needed This Sunday

Journey to Generosity is the theme of our Fall Pledge Program. This past week in Children’s Church we had a guest speaker from the Worthington Resource Center speak to the kids about the Center and the need for birthday bags.  These bags are given to clients celebrating a birthday so they have what is needed for a birthday party.  Without these, families may not be able to celebrate a birthday.   The kids seemed very exited about being able to supply these items and even colored shopping lists that they gave out to parishioners after the service.  
In the event you did not get a list (we ran out), here is the shopping list of the items we are collecting:
Cake Mix, Frosting, Candles, Birthday Plates, Napkins, Balloons, Party Favors, Stickers and Gift Bags.
Items are due to the Church by October 15th.  The kids will be spending time during Children’s Church after the 15th assembling the bags.  Also, be on the look out for an opportunity for the entire family to help deliver these bags to the Resource Center and get a tour.

Helpers Needed for kid’s activities at the Church Picnic on October 15th

We’ll be playing games and doing activities on the south lawn by the playground during the picnic on October 15th, from 12:30 – 1:30.  We could use three or four grown-ups to help out.  Please let Karl know if you lend a hand.

Children’s Choir Forming

A Children’s Choir is forming to sing an anthem during the 9:00 service on December 3. Rehearsals will take place during Children’s Church’s music time on each of the Sundays in November. If you have a child who would like to sing AND your family can commit to be at each of the practices (I understand that some families may travel over Thanksgiving weekend), please let either Karl or Sara know. We can be reached at,, or by calling the church office at 614.846.5180.

Sunday School: The Three Wise Men

In the second chapter of Matthew, three wise men, or magi, come to visit Mary, Joseph, and the newly born baby Jesus.  These wise men are magicians, just like the magicians of Pharaoh’s court that we learned about last week.  But they behave very differently.  Instead of trying to show off their own power, they kneel in awe and reverence before the power of God.  This is especially surprising, given that the power of God is being revealed in a tiny, helpless baby.  Pharaoh’s magicians were able to imitate Aaron and Moses’s miracles for awhile.  But after two plagues, their power stopped working.  It is true that we can manage to do some pretty remarkable things just with our own talent, power, and control.  But after awhile, our power fades, our talents don’t work for the particular task at hand, and situations slip out of our control.  That’s the moment when we’re brought face to face with our limitations and find that we have to rely on something greater than ourselves.  Sometimes this means relying on friends and neighbors.  But for the greatest challenges, that are beyond the talents, power, and control of our friends and neighbors as well, we have to rely on God.

Parish Picnic on October 15th!

There will be one service on the morning of the 15th, at 11:00 AM.  The service will be outside, and the children are planning to lead the grown-ups in a song as part of the service.  The service will be followed by a picnic with games and activities.

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