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Sunday School This Week!

During the last few weeks, we’ve been learning and thinking about Christian community.  In the ideal Christian community, everyone matters – everyone’s talents and gifts are validated.  This week we’ll be learning about how everything matters as well.  God didn’t just create human beings, but everything in the cosmos.  So our community extends beyond the… Read more

Sunday School This Week!

The church, and the world, is like a body.  No one part is better than any other part.  Every part is important in its own ways.  What if we could easily name our talents, and whole-heartedly celebrate the talents of others?  Can we learn and grow in collaboration with each other, rather than in competition… Read more

VBS News – The Countdown Begins!

We’re only three weeks away from the start of VBS, and we’re so excited about the program this year!  If you’ve signed your kids up, here’s what you can expect.  If you haven’t signed your kids up yet, it’s not too late to do so.  Simply go to “The Image of God” VBS will be… Read more