Altar Guild

Punky Cline and Donna Somerville are chairwomen of this group. The poem below describes the various duties.  If you would like to join this group and help to prepare the altar for the service, please contact Punky at 614-284-3782 ( or Donna at 614-882-1390 (


The Altar Guild
What on earth do they do for tor Heaven’s sake?
If they weren’t there what difference would it make?
If there should be no altar guild there
Neither clergy nor LEM’s would find vestments to wear.
If the weekly team should fail or falter
There’d be no silver or linens on the God’s Altar.
The flowers at the altar don’t descend from above:
Week after week they’re a labor of love.
We change vestments and hanging from season to season
Since those different colors are used for a reason.
The lights burn bright in the candlesticks
Because we replenish the oil, fix the wicks.
We launder the linens, we dust the pews.
We polish the silver, straighten books that you use.
We choreograph weddings, reassuring the nervous.
We’re a quiet presence at each memorial service.
To make high holy days a rich celebration,
We give our time and talents to church decoration.
In fact, we fill needs of every dimension,
Some are large and important, some too small to mention.
We’re seldom notices, but our rich reward
Is to be Martha and Mary in the house of our Lord.

Ulele Hamway –2000

Altar altarguild