Sunday Adult Forums

St. John’s offers two Eucharistic worship services on Sunday mornings.  The first begins at 9:00am and concludes at about 10:15am.  The second begins at 11:15am and ends at about 12:30pm.  The period between the end of the first service and the beginning of the second is set aside for fellowship, hospitality, and formation.  Sunday Adult Forums offer parishioners a chance to participate in guided conversations, common readings, lectures, presentations, short videos, and a range of communal experiences intended to increase our personal knowledge of our savior and our collective inspiration in the life of Jesus Christ.

We are blessed to have an active group of participants and guides.  Where possible, we have included links to copies of written presentations.  These expositions are primarily intended to be shared with fellow parishioners and other interested individuals; they are not formal papers intended for academic publication (i.e., footnotes are rarely included although bibliographies are often available on request).

The full schedule of 2017 sessions

Early Christian Church Series
Reformations Series
Anglican Heroes of Western Africa

The full schedule of 2018 sessions