The St. John’s Parish Library

The St. John’s Parish Library exists to support the Christian formation needs of this congregation. Not long ago, the library embarked on a course of transformative change. In a few short years, we have moved from housing an assemblage of underused and outdated books and tapes to building a vibrant and contemporary reading and viewing collection focused on the needs and interests of a modern parish.

On our shelves, you’ll find a growing array of books and DVDs chosen because they guide, inspire, explain, and challenge the adult Christian reader:

  • reprints of classic early Church texts (St. Augustine, St. Benedict, St. Francis)
  • histories of the Anglican & Episcopal churches
  • works by and about the 16th century activists who shaped the Protestant Reformation
  • guides to church ministries (Vestry, Altar Guild, Lay Readers, and more)
  • 20th and 21st century theologians (Armstrong, Bonhoeffer, Borg, Brueggemann, Lewis, McLaren, Merton, Newell, Nouwen, Spong, Taylor, Tickle, Tillich, Wright and more)
  • spirituality in a few of its many guises
  • devotional texts (daily devotions, meditations, books of prayers, learning to pray)
  • guides to strengthening interfaith relationships
  • small collection of mystery fiction (clerical, ecclesiastical, liturgical)


Our online catalog is freely available and can be searched by author, title, subject (tag), or date of publication. Pictures of the front covers are included when they are available.

— Are you a novice user of online catalogs? Try this version and search by any word or name.

— Are you a more experienced user? Try this version of the catalog and home in on your area of interest while seeing other books on similar subjects and by other authors.


Remember: St. John’s parishioners may borrow books and dvds for three weeks. We ask that you fill out the borrower’s card in the back of the book and file the card in the Borrow box on the card catalog – alphabetically by author’s last name. When you bring the book back, retrieve the borrower’s card, replace it in the book, and put the book on the tan cart for reshelving.

Are you looking for a specific item but can’t find it? Are you interested in a topic that doesn’t seem to be represented in the collection? Do you have a suggestion for something you think we should purchase? Would you like to donate a book from your own collection? Would you like to fund the purchase of a new book as a donation to the Parish Library? For answers to these and other questions, please get in touch with Nancy Elkington ( to arrange a time to meet and chat.


Above all – Enjoy your parish library!!