Pastoral Care

The Pastoral Care Committee provides attention, support and love to parishioners who are in need.  Working with the Rector Fr. Philip College, the current Committee Chair Hat O’Toole and members of the committee review, consider and address the spiritual needs of parishioners in difficulty.

This ministry is carried out by a group of committed and caring parishioners who volunteer to help their fellow church members in a variety of ways.

  • Send letters and cards to those who are ill or otherwise unable to attend scheduled services.
  • Telephone the parishioner (if appropriate) to share parish news, to impress them with the knowledge of their value to the parish and to inquire whether they would like to receive communion in their home.
  • Contact the parishioner’s primary caregiver to express support for them, request updates on the parishioner’s health and status and ask if they need anything that can be supplied by the parish.
  • Visit the ailing parishioner, sharing news and offering assistance in ways that would help them maintain a strong physical and spiritual relationship with their fellow parishioners.
  • Stay in touch with the Rector and share regular progress reports with the full Committee.

The Pastoral Care Committee maintains a policy of complete confidentiality in its work.  If you are aware of a fellow parishioner in need, please get in touch immediately with the Rector (, or the committee chair to share that information confidentially.

Anyone who feels a desire to help others in their time of need is welcome to join the Pastoral Care Committee.  We gather together every other month but carryout our support activities daily.  Please contact the committee’s current chair Hat O’Toole at her home or cell if you would like to volunteer or seek further information about how your talents can be put to good use!