Parish Governance

Unlike some churches, Episcopal churches are operated as most board-governed nonprofits operate: A board of trustees (in this case called the “vestry”) calls the rector (lead pastor). Together, the rector and the vestry, govern the church.  These Vestry members are elected by the members of the parish. Two officers, a senior warden and a junior warden, also are elected by the parish to serve with vestry. (The senior warden and junior warden could be compared to the president and vice president of a board of trustees. For a complete definition, click here.)

This democratic/representative structure means the church operates according to the will of its members, and the Vestry is a critical group who oversees the direction and leadership of the church community.

In addition to the Vestry, St. John’s has active committees, which carry out the more specific and detailed work of various areas of ministry, from property maintenance to communications and website updates

John Pascoe ColorJohn Pascoe
Senior Warden


Rob Thurman
Junior Warden

EldonRonningEldon Ronning

AmyBeebeAmy Beebe

Punky Cline

BricePattersonBrice Patterson

AlexLaguschAlex Lagusch

CeliaBesselmanCelia Besselman

Marianne BroereMarianne

StarBlackfordStar Blackford

Hissrich, DonnaDonna Hissrich

Anna SylvesterAnna

NancyElkingtonNancy Elkington
Secretary / Clerk of the Vestry

ChristineReeseChristine Rees
Parish Treasurer

Committee Chairs

Dick DankeDanke, Dick edited
Co-Chair of the Property Committee

Weatherholt, Bill editedBill Weatherholt
Co-Chair of the Property Committee

Badger, Ann editedAnn Badger
Children and Youth Formation Committee

Mary Bailey
Year Round Stewardship Committee

Dawn Pascoe
Communications Committee

Allen, Margaret editedMargaret Allen
Adult Formation Committee

Susie Bonnell 2013 007Susan Bonnell
Newcomers Committee

Somerville, Donna edited smDonna Sommerville
Worship Committee

Hat O’Toole
Pastoral Care Committee

Dziemianowicz, Ted 2 editedTed Dziemianowicz
Fellowship and Hospitality Committee

David HissrichDavid
Finance Committee

CathyCathy Wahoff
Early Education Center Committee

Wesley ClayWesley
Outreach and Social Justice Committee