Weddings and Same Gender Blessings

Weddings and Same Gender Blessings at St. John’s


Nadine + Matt at St John’s Episcopal Church from Anthony Gardner on Vimeo.

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Worthington, Ohio, is a community of faith designed to support parishioners on their spiritual journey through worship, Christian formation, pastoral care and service.

Therefore to be married at St. John’s, either the bride or the groom must be a baptized Christian. Additionally, either the bride or the groom – or one of their parents – must be a current active member of the congregation who is regular in attendance.

Persons who have been divorced may be married a second time in the Episcopal Church with approval from the Bishop. This process requires additional time and paper work and will be discussed in your consultation with the clergy.

Inter-faith marriages are allowed.

Premarital counseling is a requirement in the Episcopal Church. This counseling is usually done by the parish priest several months in advance of the wedding.

The liturgy from the Book of Common Prayer is the norm for weddings at St. John’s.

No weddings will be done between December 23 and New Year’s Day or during Holy Week. Weddings during Lent are highly discouraged.

Fees are minimal and vary on the situation.

Anyone considering a wedding at St. John’s should call the parish secretary, Vicky Turner, at 614-846-5180 to find out more details or to arrange an appointment to meet with the priest.


Same Gender Blessings: 

Same gender blessings at St. John’s will be done under very similar conditions as marriages. Please refer to the wedding section above for more information.

It should be carefully noted that our bishop does have some specific protocols that must be strictly followed for Same Gender Blessings.


Revised August 1, 2012