12-Step Groups

St. John’s Church provides meeting space for the following 12 step programs to meet. If you
or someone you know would like more information, please contact either Vicky Turner in the
Church Office at 846-5180 or AA of Central Ohio at 253-8501 or www.AACentral Ohio.org.

AA Wednesday 8:30 PM Township Hall
AA Monday 7:00 PM Carriage House
Couples in Recovery Sunday 7:00 PM Township Hall
Food Addicts in Recovery Saturday 10:00 AM Carriage House
Women’s AA Saturday 8:00 AM Township Hall
Re-Entry AA Tuesday 7:30 PM Township Hall
Step by Step AA Thursday 8:00 PM Township Hall
Teen Choice Ala-Teen Saturday 10:00 AM Carriage House
Women’s Choice Al-Anon Saturday 10:00 AM Township Hall